From an early age I showed a strong passion for music and the effect it had on people. My passion quickly led to curiosity as I wanted to learn the anatomy of how a great song was made. In 2016, I discovered my passion for recording after spending a week tracking my band’s debut EP at Chase Park Transduction. From there I sought the skills and knowledge needed to build a competitive music studio in today’s industry. I graduated from AIMM in 2018 with a certification in Recording and Pro Tools. From there I was able to land an internship at MAZE Studios in Atlanta and was able to witness 1st hand what it took to thrive in such a saturated market as a creative. I bounced around a couple studios while learning along the way. In January of 2021, I began pursuing becoming an independent business owner. My business model was to provide premium recording, mixing & mastering services at an affordable cost to mainly independent artists. Since then I have built a network of returning clients that want to collaborate with me.