Can I smoke inside of the studio?

– No, there is a smoking section outside of the building where you can smoke.

How do I pay you?

– I accept Cashapp and most Debit/Credit Cards

How many guests am I allowed to bring?

– Due to space restrictions only 2 guests will be allowed to enter the studio

Do I pay before or after my session?

– All payments will be made in full before the session or else the session is not officially booked.

What’s the best way to send files to you.

– Most of the time, wetransfer.com is the best option for sending over audio files

Where are you located?

– Nature Boy Studios is housed inside Resonant studios. The address is 1397 Blashfield St SE.

Why can’t I record in the last 10 minutes of the session?

– The session will start and end promptly on the time that was booked. To ensure that all files are accounted for and sent to the proper location I need at least 10 minutes to prepare and send off files at the end of the session

I am interested in having you teach me about audio. Can I book teaching time from you?

– Yes, I do provide lessons. All lessons are virtual for the time being and they must be booked through email.