Mixing & Mastering

Let’s chat about your project. Filling out this form will give me a clear image of how we can work together. Spare no detail, I care to read it all because my end goal is to get your music sounding how you want it to sound in your head.

How the process works

  • Step 1

    We talk about your project

  • Step 2

    I send you a quote

  • Step 3

    You pay the quote and send me all files related to your project (either stems or session files)

  • Step 4

    I begin sending you versions until the project is complete

Request A Revision

I have an UNLIMITED FREE REVISION policy. By filling out this form I can make tweaks on whatever you need with a quick turnaround. My goal is to finish your project as a team and that means approval from all parties.

You send me your session files, we work together to get the most pleasing mix for each song. Then, I prepare a file package to be sent to a Mastering Engineer

The final process in the creation process. A mastered song should sound polished and comparable to other released songs in the same genre.

The combination of the two services. I work with you all the way till the song is ready to be released. Most recommended service by clients.